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Left: Mayor A. Villaraigosa | Right: CEO -Sion Shabo



Real Construction was founded by Sion  Shabo. The officer formed a strategic alliance to develop a general construction company that emphasizes customer satisfaction. Sion Shabo began his career in construction as a general contractor. Within a short period of time, Sion quickly moved up the construction ladder. It wasn’t long before Sion decided to combine strength ,knowledge  and branch out establishing his own business, Real Construction.

Without delay, The Real Construction was recognized throughout the state of California while providing concrete, general building, electrical, tenant improvement, demolition, grading and labor services establishing reputable and long lasting relationships with his clients.

Sion Shabo received acclamation from client and quality/excellence awards from his peers and colleagues simple for following his passion and drive for success.

Sion Shabo, Principal

Sion Shabo possesses a 25 year construction,procurement,scheduling and estimating history performing multiple assignments as Project Superintendent, Purchasing Agent, Project Manager, District Construction Manager.

Professional Profile

Senior Project Manager and President of Construction. He has received commendation from clients, and Quality and Excellence awards from peers.

Sion has held executive positions with top design/build companies. He was President of MS Construction and Principal in charge of project with Design/Build, Inc. for eight years. In addition he has held a position as Manager of Constructions and Senior project manager with the Levi Company for sixteen years.

He has managed projects of various magnitudes both nationally and internationally. Sion holds a reputation in the industry for his hands on experience, diversity of projects and implementation of procedures. He is noted for his strong work ethics and commitment to his clients in achieving superior results.



We are pleased to introduce The Real Construction as a provider of construction services. Recognizing the importance of immediately establishing control of a project’s quality, timeliness and cost, we have structured a strategic direct control of the initial phases of the work to set the quality standard and peace of the work.

The principals of Real Construction. have worked together over the last twenty years on many diverse projects in the industrial, institutional, commercial, and multi-family residential market segments. We have developed many project approaches allowing us to quickly adapt to varying conditions without compromising to project goals.

We recognize that our goal of building long-term relationships with our clients is contingent upon our being responsive to their needs and the prioritizing of those needs into the final product. Diligent services combined with insightful experience are the tools used to produce successful project for all parties.

With pride innovative and a proactive team oriented environments, The Real Construction ensures the highest quality of customer service for the satisfaction of our clients. Our companies demeanor and respect for the client has resulted in establishing continued and repetitive working relationships with our customers.


Dedication and participation of principal(s) to the project to provide experienced leadership, decision making authority and an executive commitment to project success.

Proactive approach with clarifying the project details in advance so problems can be identified early and solutions developed prior to the start of any segment of the work.

Sub-contractor costs are aggressively managed. Subcontractors are required to establish entitlement for any requests for additional compensation and provide labor and material costs backup and all applicable markups.

A strategic alliance was established with The Knolage Company so that a trained labor force is under direct control of one of the principals resulting in the establishment of a high standard for quality and productivity at start of a project. We control the initial critical path activities with our direct hire resources setting the quality and time pace for the follow on subcontractors. We are also able to supplement our subcontractors work forces if required.

Organization & Services 

  • “Can Do” philosophy, ability to achieve success in difficult projects.
  • Commitment involvement
  • Follow- up
  • Partnership approach
  • Principal involvement throughout entire process
  • Expertise and coordination
  • Quality control
  • Attention to safety and hazard
  • Startup and closeout documentation

Project Organization Overview




Subcontractor coordination is maintained throughout the project to ensure the work is completed on schedule and in accordance with the contract design drawings and specifications. Following is an abbreviated list of procedures which demonstrated the extensive effort put forth to monitor and manage subcontractor activities.

Subcontractor Activities 

  • Pre-construction meetings
  • Weekly subcontractor meetings
  • Daily subcontractor reports
  • Material/Equipment expediting reports, schedule updates
  • Quality control inspections
  • Start-up and debugging
  • Final punch-list of completed work – Certificate of Occupancy
  • Record drawings
  • Bi-weekly safety meetings
  • Daily tailgate meetings
  • On going hazard orientation


Subcontractor close-out is initiated at the end of the project and permanent project documentation of record drawing from the appropriate subcontractors and operation and maintenance manual data is obtained.


Project scheduling is only as good as its information basis, and the team approach includes a system of continuous data collection through scheduling participation in project meetings, review of correspondence, and most importantly, regular project scheduling reviews with key members of the project team.

Control Scheduling

The construction control schedule or “Material Control Schedule” is a master schedule that addresses every major component of the project. It is used to schedule and track progress of architectural/engineering bid packages, bid package releases, bid due dates, subcontract awards, material and equipment purchases, shop drawings, and deliveries.


Project success is a function of several factors, more importantly, person commitment and accountability, We achieve success y working on our client;s behalf to isure their needs and priorities are accomplished within the budget, time parameters and quality expectations.