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Left: Mayor A. Villaraigosa | Right: CEO -Sion Shabo

City of Glendale CA

George Balteria | Project Coordinator

Mr. Sion Shabo has worked on two past construction projects for the City of Glendale Parks, Recreation, & Community Services Division. Real Construction, Mr. Shabo was awarded construction contracts for Fremont park Renovation in 1989 and Glenoaks Parks Renovation in 1990 and successfully brought both projects to completion. The type of work involved with these projects was new building construction, building renovation, masonry, concrete work, grading and demolition. Also included in the project was utility work – involving sewer connection to municipal water system, storm drain work connection to Los Angeles County Flood Control facilities, water service and low voltage electric. Other categories were painting, ramada and pool construction, landscape and irrigation, parking lot construction, installation of play equipment and security lighting installation. Mr. Shabo;’s performance in prosecuting his work was very satisfactory and professional.


City of Los Angeles CA

James Treadaway | Division Engineer

We are pleased with the progress of the contract work as well as the coordination of the work among your subcontractors. We are glad to have you on board for this project and won’t hesitate to work with you again on future projects.


County of Los Angeles CA

Dennis Tafoya | Director

Congratulations you’re a certified participant in County of Los Angeles approved vendors.


La Virgenes Unified School District CA

Donald Zimring | Assistant Superintendent

Mr. Sion Shabo has completed several projects with the Las Virgenes Unified School District. Mr. Shabo has a good working knowledge of public school remodel, renovation, and expansion. His work has completed in a timely fashion and met district specifications. He had a good working understanding of the difficulties that can be encountered when working on an active school site and was able to meet those constraints and challenges with no danger to the children and still provide a quality project to the school district.